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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit my home during construction?

We understand your desire to witness the progress of your new home during construction, and we strive to accommodate this. However, safety is our utmost priority on the building site.

Therefore, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines:
• Contact the Sales Executive before visiting the construction area.
• We reserve the right to ask you to wear a hard hat, sturdy footwear and be accompanied by our staff during your visit.
• Entry may be refused if safety concerns arise.
For your safety, please adhere to these common-sense safety procedures:
• Keep older children within view; children under 16 are not allowed on site due to safety regulations.
• Always move forward and avoid walking backward.
• Be aware of potential hazards like boards, power cables, tools, nails, or other construction materials.
• Do not enter any level of a home without stairs and rails.
• Maintain a minimum two-meter distance from excavations.
• Exercise caution around construction machinery and vehicles.

Visiting Your New Home Before Legal Completion

In the 14 days leading up to your legal completion date, your new home will undergo inspection and testing. During this time, your home will have limited access, allowing only finishing trades and customers inside. Kindly observe the following:
• Obtain prior permission from the sales executive before entering your home.
• Trades may still be working, and surfaces may not be dry or finished.
• Avoid placing items on surfaces that might be marked.
• Keep children, family members, and pets under control to prevent damage to new surfaces and finishes.
• Leave cards and stickers on walls, doors, windows, and fitted furniture, as they are part of our quality control process.
• Smoking, eating, or drinking inside the home is not permitted.

What is the lifespan of the materials?

We use high-quality materials to construct our properties, and their lifespan depends on various factors such as location, usage, exposure, and maintenance. For example, bricks, made from natural materials, should endure for many years with proper care. All our new homes come with a ten-year new home warranty* for added peace of mind.

Sound Insulation and Construction Standards

All our properties meet relevant Building Regulation approvals and standards. The level of construction and insulation can vary between different property styles. For detailed information, please contact the on-site sales executive or arrange an appointment with the site manager.

What is an Off-Plan Property?

An off-plan property is one that is yet to be built. When you purchase off-plan, you are buying based on floorplans, CGIs, and working drawings, envisioning the finished product under the helpful explanations of the Sales Executive.

What are the benefits of buying off-plan?

• Personalisation: Add your own touches, including kitchen upgrades, flooring, and fittings.
• Move-In Ready: No need for immediate decorating or complex DIY projects.
• Guarantees: All our homes include a 10-year new-build Warranty with a two-year fixtures and fittings warranty.
• Energy Efficiency: Our homes meet the latest standards, saving you money and benefiting the environment.
• Brand New: Be the first to live in your new home.
• Time to Save: Extra time to save for furnishings or upgrades.

I have a complaint – what do I do?

We are really sorry that you are unhappy, it is never our intention to upset anyone. If you are a current customer, please initially speak to our Sales Executive so we can try and sort it out. If you are not happy with the outcome or if you are not a customer then please either send us an email or a letter to our head office where a member of the management team will investigate your complaint. Our address can be found here Contact Us.

We will endevour to acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days. Within 10 working days of acknowledgement, we will set out our proposed path to resolution with the aim of resolving your complaint within 8 weeks.